"This book is essential reading for those seeking information on the natural resources future generations will inherit and on policy directions that can lead to better outcomes" 

Robert T. Deacon, Professor Emeritus of Economics, University of California, Santa Barbara

"Avoiding the easy answers, Bryan weaves together ideas from a host of disciplines. The result is something unique: a magisterial survey of the global environmental conundrum which humanity has created for itself"

Mark Lovewell, Interim editor, Literary Review of Canada.

504 pages, including index and an extensive bibliography. Available at Amazon.com and major bookstores.

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Sustainability Press: Are We Running Out?

"Anyone who reads Ingrid Bryan's thoroughly researched and wise book will no longer be able to deny that we are facing a global crisis of sutainability for human life on this planet. We owe her a debt of gratitude for laying it out so clearly and in such a compelling way"

Margaret MacMillan, Warden of ST. Anthony's College, Oxford University.

This book addresses the most important problem the world is facing today: do we have enough resources to sustain a population of over nine billion people by the year 2050? What choices do we have to make today for our children and grandchildren to survive and prosper?